Personal Independence Payment

The government is introducing a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment (PIP) to anyone aged between 16 and 64 who reports a change in how a health condition or disability affects them.

In time, PIP will completely replace the current Disability Living Allowance (DLA) benefit for everyone. However, the government say that most people who currently claim DLA won’t be affected by PIP until 2015.

If you currently claim DLA you may be affected if you do report a change in your circumstances.

What you need to know

The amount you can claim under PIP may be based on an assessment that includes a Daily Living component and/or a Mobility component. You may receive the Mobility component if you need help with moving around, and you may also receive the Daily Living component if you need help with:

  • Washing and bathing
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Preparing or eating food
  • Communicating
  • Managing your medicines or treatments
  • Making decisions about money

What will happen

If these changes do apply to you, you may receive a letter asking you to attend an assessment. The letter will explain why you’re being assessed and where the assessment will take place. The DWP will then make a final decision about the PIP you can claim based on the results of your assessment.

Want to know more?

For more information about whether you’ll be affected by changes to DLA and the introduction of PIP, call our Customer Services Team.

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