Customer Challenge Group

Would you like to help improve the services we provide? Look into issues that really matter to you? Meet like-minded people? Learn new skills?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then our Challenge Group could be for you!

Who are the Challenge Group?

The Challenge Group are tenants who meet regularly to help us make improvements to the way we deliver services.

All members of the Challenge Group are volunteers who receive all the training they need to give them the confidence, skills and knowledge to help make a real difference.

What does the Customer Challenge Group do?

  • The group chooses services to review based on our business plans and feedback from staff and customers.
  • They carry out 3 or 4 reviews each year, acting as a ‘critical friend’ to us, primarily focusing on customer-facing services.
  • The group meet with SYHA staff, speak to customers and shadow staff going about their work.
  • Once they have reviewed a service they produce a report, including recommendations, which will be available to customers and used by staff to improve services.
  • SYHA then reviews the report and works out how best to act on it.

Scrutiny reports and action plans

The Challenge Group has carried out a range of scrutiny exercises across the organisation in recent years. The reports investigate the chosen topic area and explain what was looked at, the findings, recommendations and the steps SYHA are taking to address them. You can look at the reports by clicking the links below:

Who can join?

As a tenant you will already have invaluable experience of our services. No-one knows our services like you do. The group is open for any of our tenants to join, it doesn’t matter what background you have, your experience can help change our services for the better. We’re especially looking for someone who has:

  • The ability to identify positive and negative aspects of service delivery
  • A willingness to talk about solutions and contribute ideas
  • An enjoyment of working with others in a team to achieve goals and respect for other team members
  • An objective, honest and open approach

What will I get in return?

We’ve made sure that we reward our tenants who join the Challenge Group. In return for your time we’ll give you all the training you need to be confident in your role. You’ll learn new skills which can help you in not only your personal life, but in your professional life too – a role like this looks great on your CV!

For every piece of work you complete you’ll receive £50 (as well as any expenses), and to help you keep in touch with the rest of the group we’ll give you your own laptop or tablet and contribute to the cost of your internet at home.

Lots of our tenants find the social aspect of the group rewarding and have made some good friendships. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a real difference to the future of our services.

Get in touch

To find out more about the group please contact our Engagement Officer Theo Bruckner on 0114 290 0330 or email