Digital Guides to Get Online

Want to practice your computer skills? Want to help someone on their PC?

These free learning guides from Digital Unite are the ideal helping hand for you.

Creating Documents 60 Px 2 Creating Documents Computer Basics 60 Px 2 Computer basics Email Skype 60 Px 2 Email & Skype Digital Photography 60 Px 2 Digital Photography
Using The Internet 60 Px 2 Using the internet Smartphones Tablets 60 Px 2 Smartphones & tablets Social Networking Blogs 60 Px 2 Social networking & blogs Hobbies Interests 60 Px 2 Hobbies & interests
Internet Security 60 Px 2 Internet security Shopping Banking 60 Px 2 Shopping & banking Music Audio 60 Px 2 Music & audio Tv Video 60 Px 2 TV & Video


Want some more help with your computer?

Visit the Learn My Way website (just click on the blue writing and the website will open) and sign up to one of their digital courses. They cover everything you need to know.

Prefer to have some one around helping you out? Visit the UK Online Centre website (just click on the blue writing and the website will open) to find out about courses or call Sarah Morton, our Digital Inclusion Officer on0114 2900 268.