Praise or Grumble

Finding out what you truly think about our people, homes and the way we deliver your services is incredibly important to us. The comments you give, both positive and negative, are used every day, to:

  • Improve your services
  • Praise people, both our staff and contractors, if they’ve gone out of their way to give you a brilliant service
  • Resolve any grumbles you might have, and stop anyone else from having a similar negative experience
  • Learn about (and respond to!) your requests and suggestions

How to praise – or grumble!

You can complete this online praise or grumble form:

Or you can let us know about your praise or grumble by:


Did you know that your comments really do count? Whenever we receive a Praise or Grumble from a customer, we really do appreciate it.  We’ve got a great track record for receiving more Praises than Grumbles – nearly 63% of the comments we receive are positive. We take the Grumbles as constructive criticism and we are always working on finding ways to do better.



Want to know more?

You’ll also find a praise or grumble leaflet on the back of every copy of the Keeping in Touch.