Auckley Job Club – Amanda’s story

Amanda Barlow is a hard working mum of two who lives in one of our properties in Auckley. She has been visiting the All About Auckley Job Club for a few months now and has been one of our best and most dedicated customers.

Her experience is one that we are really proud of, so we thought we’d share Amanda’s amazing story.

A relationship breakdown in July meant that Amanda had to leave her career in care work and look after her two children full time.

“The relationship breakdown took its toll and it was hard to leave work, but the girls came first.”

Amanda concentrated on her family during this period but never lost her drive or the desire to work.

“I have always worked and have never been out of work for longer than a few weeks. I wanted to find something that allowed me to work and care for my children. I wanted the balance to be right.”

Amanda heard about the job club through a neighbour and started browsing the club’s Facebook page for vacancies before finally taking the plunge to attend in person.

Amanda and James

Amanda and James

She was quite shy and nervous at first but was keen to get cracking. It was clear that she wanted to change career and work in retail. Whilst getting to know James, who runs the club, during the first session, they improved Amanda’s CV with some small changes and managed to apply for two jobs on the same day. Amanda seemed surprised by our compliments and how impressed we were with her and left feeling much more positive!

“I was nervous before the first session but I soon relaxed and it was great to get so much done. I left feeling upbeat and positive about finding a job.”

Amanda returned to club and was her bubbly self during her second session. She had already secured an interview with a local retailer, so we quickly got to work on her interview skills and techniques.

She attended session three with a huge smile on her face and we were sure that she had been offered the job.

“I didn’t get the job, but I asked for feedback and they said I did really well. I got to the final two and they said there was no reason why they wouldn’t employ me. The only reason I didn’t get the job is because the other person could be more flexible with hours.”

Amanda didn’t have to wait very long, she was eagerly waiting outside the the club for James before session four, eager to start. They spent the session chatting about interview tips and producing covering letters for various local jobs.

She turned up early as usual for her fifth (and final session!) with a familiar smile on her face, only this time she got the job!

“I’ did it! I’ve got a job with the Card Factory in Doncaster. It’s 16 hours per week which fits in perfectly around my girls. I want to thank James so much for his help”

We have since called Amanda to see how she is doing.

“Work is going really well, I’ve done a few shifts now and everyone is lovely but I’m going to keep attending the club on a Wednesday if I can get it off. I want to carry on looking to see if I can get anything better.”

We think Amanda is brilliant and we’re thrilled that she has found the work life balance that she has been looking for.

If you’d like to find out more about the All About Auckley Job Club why not head over to their Facebook page and give it a like!