Tenancy fraud

Here’s more information about what tenancy fraud is, and how to let us know about suspected fraud.

What is tenancy fraud?

Tenancy fraud (or social housing fraud) occurs when a South Yorkshire Housing Association home is occupied by someone who…

  • is not legally entitled to be there
  • has obtained use of the property fraudulently, and/or
  • leaves the property empty while living elsewhere.

Tenancy fraud deprives deserving people of access to affordable homes, and can also lead to anti-social behaviour.

Types of tenancy fraud:


Subletting is when a customer rents out all or part of their home to someone else without the permission or knowledge of the landlord.

Application fraud is when a prospective customer knowingly provides false information on their housing application to obtain a property, or if they apply for multiple properties in different locations and through different landlords.

Succession fraud is when a person moves into a home (when the legal customer either dies or moves away) without the right to do. They may also misrepresent the amount of time they have lived there.

Abandonment/non-occupation is when a customer moves out of their property without informing the landlord.

An illustration of an SYHA van in front of a house.

What you can do

If you suspect that there is tenancy fraud in a South Yorkshire Housing Association home, you can provide details by contacting us or completing the online form below.

Please get in touch to discuss any concerns you have, even if you aren’t sure if what you suspect is tenancy fraud. Together, we can ensure that social housing homes are available to those who need them the most.

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