Arts and culture

The power of arts and culture led to the foundation of our organisation, after our founder John Belcher saw the groundbreaking film Cathy Come Home. Arts and culture also have a huge impact on our happiness – that’s why providing opportunities for our customers to learn, grow and flourish is as important to us as providing people with a safe place to call home.

Moments of Joy is our programme of creative activity for customers at our residential schemes. It includes externally funded and programmed activity that’s delivered by experienced participatory artists, and great activity that happens every day with customers and employees. We know that taking part in creative opportunities is good for health and wellbeing, and provides opportunities to have fun, learn and connect. 

From Autumn 2023 to Summer 2024 we have funding from Arts Council England, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust and The Sarah Nulty Power of Music Fund. There is creative activity happening at many of our extra-care homes, and additional funding is being explored for activity at other schemes. We’re at the start of a new phase of our Moments of Joy creative work with a new team of South Yorkshire artists. Check back soon for exciting project news!

“I think it’s been wonderful. It’s brought people together. We know a little bit more about people now. The atmosphere has been great.”

Customer feedback

“Taking part in activity is very therapeutic. It helps me express my emotions.”

Customer feedback

“I feel much stronger.”

Customer feedback

Moments of Joy projects

We have previously worked in partnership with a number of brilliant and creative organisations including Yorkshire Artspace, Museums Sheffield, Potclays Limited, Doncaster Community Arts (‘darts’), The Art House Sheffield, Cardboard Citizens, Open Cinema and Theatre Delicatessen, and a number of freelance artists. Our collaborations offered a huge range of activities including theatre workshops, film screenings, ceramic workshops, theatre performances, gardening redevelopments, unique art commissions, and more!

From 2020-2022 we worked with over 300 customers and 45 artists on our Moments of Joy programme. The activities adapted to changing Coronavirus restrictions, and provided opportunities to connect and experience joy in an unsettling time. The programme included dancing, musical performances and creating sculptures.