a repair

As part of your tenancy with us, there are repair jobs that we’re responsible for. These are usually any big problems where you’ll need a trade professional to carry out the work.

Our aim is to fix your repair as quickly as possible. We aim to complete repairs within four weeks, and emergency repairs within 24 hours. Emergency or urgent repairs include a loss of power or heating, flooding or a significant amount of water entering your home, or any suspected gas leak.

In the case of an emergency repair, we will always make sure that you are safe and, in the case of a loss of heating, our contractors have portable heaters which are yours until we fix the problem.

Find out more about who’s responsible for different repairs.

How to book a repair

If you need to book a repair, you can fill in a repair form online.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by:

Phoning 0800 1380 380 or 0114 2900 200

Sending an email to
(non-emergencies only)


Home inspection

Sometimes we will visit your home and carry out an inspection to find out more information about the repair before we can get started. This helps us get to the root of any problems, and ensures we have the right professional with the right materials to get the job done.

Opening hours

Our Customer Connect team are on hand Monday to Friday, between 8am and 5pm. You can get in touch with them by calling 0800 1380 380 or 0114 2900 200.

Emergency contacts

If you think you might have a gas or carbon monoxide leak, you should contact National Grid on 0800 111 999.

If you have an emergency (like loss of power or water, or an uncontainable water leak) outside of our office hours (after 5pm Monday to Friday, and over weekends and Bank Holidays) you can still contact us by calling 0800 1380 380 or 0114 2900 200. Your call will be connected to our out of hours team.

If your emergency is related to your gas central heating, boiler or gas fire, please contact us on 0800 1380 380 and press 1, or dial 0151 430 6191 and you will be connected directly to our gas contractor.

Gas Contractor

Our gas servicing and repairs are completed by Ashley & McDonough. All correspondence about gas servicing will come directly from them, and we encourage you to ask to see identification from contractors working with us.

Sharing your feedback

After your repair has been completed, we’ll be in touch to ask about your experience.  This information helps us to continually make improvements. Your recent feedback has told us that you would like us to:

  • Make repairs booking easier, and reduce waiting times
  • Provide better updates on the progress of your repair.

We are currently developing a range of digital solutions, both internally and externally, to improve our repairs and maintenance service offer – and we’re focusing on making repairs easier to book and on keeping you updated on what’s happening with your request. We will share more information when new services become available.

Your feedback about appointments

We have been asked if there are any plans or opportunities for us to be able to offer hourly slots when repairs are being booked. Unfortunately, our contractors can’t currently offer this.

Frequently, unforeseen circumstances can cause repair jobs to overrun, and we would not want leave any repair jobs incomplete – or arrive late to subsequent appointments – due to time constraints. This approach is quite similar to how other contractors operate. However, we are committing to:

  • Continuing to explore how digital technology can help narrow times down on the day of the repair, so that we keep you as informed as possible. This is not currently possible, but it is an area we are keen to explore in the future.
  • Making sure that our contractors are keeping you informed about any changes to your appointment time.

Thank you for this feedback, as it helps with planning where our future service improvements should be.