Our directors

Meet our chief executive and directors’ team.

Larry Gold

Larry joined us as our CEO in 2023, bringing experience of working in the private sector, local and central government, and over 20 years in the housing sector. He’s held leadership roles at the Prime Focus Regeneration Group, Walsall Housing Group, and Trafford Housing Trust where he was brought in to set the company up in 2004. Larry has a strong strategic focus and operational expertise leading across finance, governance, development, and operational business divisions.

Larry is also an NED at Arawak Walton Housing Association, and Deputy Chair at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing. He has previously held NED roles with small animal welfare charities.

Juliann Hall

Juliann is our Executive Director of Care, Health and Wellbeing. With more than 15 years’ experience in the health and social care sector, Juliann oversees our LiveWell work and has led our response to changes in health and social care.

Before joining us, Juliann was deputy chief executive of South Yorkshire-based Autism Plus, a charity offering a range of care, employment and education services to people with autism.

Charlotte Murray

Charlotte is our Executive Director of Corporate Services. Before joining us, Charlotte was chief operating officer at Good Things Foundation, an international digital and social inclusion charity.

Gareth Wallace-Parkin

Gareth is our Executive Director of Housing, with lead responsibility for our landlord services, maintenance, strategic asset management and sustainability. Gareth also leads our Diversity & Belonging steering group.

Joining the organisation in 2005, Gareth has over 20 years’ experience in the housing, health and social care world – which has involved developing new models of housing for tackling root causes of homelessness.

Helen Whittingham

Helen is our Executive Director of Finance and Development.

Our board

Our board of non-executive directors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from their different backgrounds. They work with us to hold the organisation to account, to ensure that we are operating effectively, and help us to achieve our purpose.

Matt Harrison (Chair)
Kay Dickinson (Vice Chair)
Claire Stockill
David Smith
John Jeffries
Sharron Dyett
Maggie Gjessing
Nicki Doherty
Pam Hankinson
Terry Proudfoot
Uday Bola
Will Pritchard

A photo of some of our board members.