Find good work

At South Yorkshire Housing Association, we believe that a good roof over your head is the very foundation of health, and that it is impossible to flourish without a sense of home.

Our job as a housing association does not stop there. We are not just about putting roofs over heads – we work with our customers and employees to find opportunities to realise their potential, and to really make their mark.

Work can provide this meaning, and help us feel connected to the world around us. That’s why we’re committed to providing good work for our employees and customers through our work and wellbeing services.

Good Work supports amazing people, including those living with a severe mental health condition, to find the job you deserve.

Visit the Good Work website to get free, expert support to find the job that’s right for you.

Good Work

Good Work is based on Individual Placement Support, a ‘place then train’ approach.  First, this means working with you to get a job. We learn about your strengths, skills and interests, and about how you work best. Then, we’ll move quickly to find the role that’s right for you.

People with disabilities and health conditions are among every organisation’s best and most resilient employees. We work with employers to recruit and retain these brilliant candidates, and offer specialist training and advice on workplace health and wellbeing.

Everyone deserves the right conditions to do their best work.

We believe that we should all be in workplaces that recognise our talents, and that support us to thrive. Being in work can also create more connections, give us a sense of purpose, bring financial stability and security, and help us to recognise and build on all our strengths.

Working Win

Working Win is an employment service for people with a health condition. It was started initially as a trial aimed to find out how good the new service was at helping people to find and stay in work.

Over 6,000 people signed up to the trial. We’ve worked with some fantastic people to use their talents and skills to find or stay in employment. In October 2020, Working Win was extended. Referrals for the extension were open from 1 November 2020 until 31 January 2021 and we supported 511 people to stay and thrive in employment.

Thanks to funding and support from the Government’s Work and Health Unit, Working Win returned in September 2021!

We’re pleased to be working in partnership with the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and local NHS partners to provide free support to help people find and stay in employment.

We’ll work with you to build on your strengths and to feel settled and flourish in a new or existing job role. Referrals are now openfind out more, sign up to take part or call the team on 0114 2900 218.


“Being back in work has given me a great sense of wellbeing. I’ve been able to treat my family to meals out. I feel I’m somebody and I’m getting paid to do something I enjoy, which is giving me a perfect work-life balance. After some struggles, I’m feeling content and looking forward to the future.”

– took part in our Working Win trial

“It’s a very lonely place when you are out of work. But now that I have a job my whole outlook has changed, and things are on the way up. I’m over the moon with my new role and it’s a real pleasure to come to work!”

– took part in our Working Win trial

Find out more about good work by calling 0114 2900 200

Get in touch with our team by calling 0114 2900 218 or email