Learning from complaints

We always aim to offer great customer services, but understand that sometimes things can go wrong. If you have a complaint, please tell us so that we can put it right.

If you make a complaint, we will listen to your experiences, find out more about what’s happened, and share our response with you. We also consider:

• Is there anything we could have done to better handle your complaint?
• How could we have improved our response?
• What could we have done to prevent your complaint?

Here’s some examples of how we’ve made improvements to our services.

We’ve made these changes in response to complaints we received from January to March 2024. This page will be updated with new learning every quarter.

You shared that when you make a complaint, we didn’t always understand your issues.

We’ve provided training and guidance to our employees to make sure that they listen, respond with empathy, and fully understand your complaint.

You said the information we shared with our repairs contractors was sometimes incorrect, and this led to delays in repairs being completed.

We’ve provided refresher training for employees that record information about repairs, and we are reviewing how our IT systems can support us to share the right information.

An illustration of an SYHA van in front of a house.

You told us that, if you are unhappy with how we have dealt with antisocial behaviour, it’s not clear what you can do about it.

We now share guidance on how you can access an independent case review through your Local Authority. They can offer an assessment on how we have dealt with antisocial behaviour.