Free Advice on Cutting Your Energy Bill

We are helping our customers in the Holmes, Masbrough and Eastwood areas of Rotherham to cut their energy bills by switching energy supplier. 

The pilot scheme, which launches on Tuesday 19th May, will see members of the organisation’s neighbourhood team walk customers through the energy supplier switching process.

Customers will also get advice on whether they could save money on water bills by switching from fixed rates to a meter.

The project is part of our wider sustainability initiative called ‘LiveGreen’ which looks at ways the organisation and its customers can reduce their environmental impact, whilst strengthening communities and economic performance. This work recognises that often small changes can have a big impact.

Recent research from Ofgem, the national energy regulator, has shown that the average family living in rented accommodation could save on average £200 a year by switching energy supplier, yet three quarters have never switched supplier.

Gordon Watts, Sustainability Manager at South Yorkshire Housing Association said, “Tackling fuel poverty is a key aim for the organisation as part of our wider sustainability efforts. Regularly switching energy supplier is one of the easiest ways to keep energy bills down.

“Our team will be helping guide customers through the switching process and offering advice about the small changes that can cut their energy use. This can be simple things such as turning appliances off standby or turning the heating thermostat down a degree.

“If the pilot proves to be a success we hope to expand the service to our customers across South Yorkshire”.

Customers living in the pilot area will be contacted directly but can also book an appointment by calling 0114 2900200.

NEAT Fleet Goes Green

Two new electric vans are set reduce South Yorkshire Housing Association’s carbon footprint whilst saving the organisation thousands of pounds in running costs.




The new Nissan eNV 200 electric vans will be based in Sheffield and will help reduce air pollution in the area by cutting vehicle exhaust emissions.

The vans were unveiled to members of the public at the Sheffield Housing Festival on Saturday 18th April where they were able to take a closer look at the vehicles.

The new arrivals come as part of the south Yorkshire wide Inmotion! project which aims to develop sustainable transport in the area.

Staff from the organisation’s Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team (NEAT) in Sheffield will be using the vans as part of their cleaning services.

The new additions are just one aspect of the organisation’s ongoing sustainability work which includes measures to tackle fuel poverty, improve the way SYHA delivers its services, and reducing transport emissions.

The NEAT team has been leading on efforts to improve the sustainability of SYHA’s transport fleet. Last year fleet drivers were given eco-driver training, a fuel saving champion incentive scheme was introduced and a number of older less fuel efficient vehicles were disposed of.

Collectively these measures have already saved the organisation nearly £10, 000 in running costs and earned the transport fleet a 4-star rating under the Care4Air Eco Stars Fleet recognition scheme.

Stuart Bingley from the NEAT team is championing the project, he said, “We estimate that the running costs of our new electric vans will be a third of the diesel equivalent.

“The vans are going to make a huge difference to our carbon footprint and we’re really looking forward to putting the vans into action.”

Gordon Watts, sustainability manager said, “We’re delighted with the new vehicles. We now have a more efficient, greener and sustainable fleet and this investment will allow us to reinvest the savings back into the services we provide and give better value for money to our customers.

“It is another important step in our ongoing commitment to continually improve the sustainability of the housing and services we provide.”