Tender opportunity: Remedial fire safety works at Birch Avenue Care Home

Contracts finder reference: SYHA001-DN281570-01122401

We’re looking to appoint a contractor for a project which will involve improving fire safety protection measures at Birch Avenue Care Home in Sheffield. The home comprises of four interconnecting bungalows which are of traditional construction, with brick walls and a pitched, tiled roof.

Key elements of the work include:

  • Repairs or replacing a significant number of fire-resisting door sets.
  • Upgrading existing fire door sets by installing combined intumescent and cold smoke seals.
  • Designing and installing additional cavity barriers.
  • Installation of fire-resisting glazing units to certain rooms.

We will require the contractor to be third party accredited (covering the areas listed above), recognised and carried out by a body that is independent of both supplier and customer organisations, for example BRE and FIRAS.

To register an interest in tendering for this work, or to submit a tender please use to the ProContract e-procurement portal.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the work please contact Matt Steventon on 0114 2900 325.

Tender opportunity – designing our new office space

We are embarking on an ambitious plan to transform key elements of our business practices including changing how we use our office space, not just in Wellington Street (our head office) but across our estate (we have small offices in 17 other buildings). Part of our Transform Strategy is to bring our brand to life and communicate SYHA’s purpose and values through our new ways of working and our office space provides a fantastic platform for this.

We have planning permission for changes to our Wellington Street office and have agreed layouts for the interior of the building. But we have yet to develop the detailed design and a look and feel of the interiors and the external works.

The complete refurbishment of our Wellington Street office is planned for 2018/19 but in preparation we intend to introduce new ways of working over the next 12 months. This will include adopting the proposed furniture layout and testing out our storage requirements. We also want to improve our offices outside of Wellington Street so that these can be used more flexibly and help us accommodate some of our Wellington Street based staff whilst the refurbishment takes place.

In parallel we are commissioning architects to advise on the layout of our offices outside Wellington Street. The architects will be expected to work closely with the designer we commission for this piece of work including advising on the robustness and appropriateness of finishes, furniture, fixtures and equipment.

The aims of this commission are therefore to:

  • Articulate SYHA’s brand values.
  • Develop the design language for our office space interiors to project and give physical expression to our brand.
  • Reflect our organisational development offer, supporting spaces for wellbeing, learning, growth and innovation.
  • Use the design thinking to inform the specification for our Wellington Street refurbishment project.
  • Capture the proposals in a design guide that can be used to inform future changes and maintenance and maintain a strong brand identity over time.
  • Engage SYHA employees in the thinking behind the design and brand so that they understand and protect them over time.

Tender for this job

There are two parts to the tender submission:

  • Written response to the brief and evidence of your track record in this area
  • Presentation to the selection panel

The following minimum information will be required for the written submission:

  • Your proposals as to how you would carry out the work requested:
    • How you would work with SYHA and its employees to develop design proposals
    • An example design guide/indication of how you would approach this
    • A critical path timeline with indicative timescales for delivery of key milestones.
  • Up to three examples of relevant projects that you have previously undertaken/pitched
  • Brief CVs of key personnel to be involved in the project
  • Fee quotation outlining the resources you will provide for that fee. NB our maximum budget for this commission is £15,000.

The above shall comprise no more than 10 x A4 sheets in total (or equivalent).


One hard copy of the submission is to be sent to arrive no later than 12pm on 26th April 2017 to:

Helen Garside,
Office Space Project Coordinator,
South Yorkshire Housing Association,
43-47 Wellington Street,
S1 4HF

To help explain what we’re after in more detail we’ve put together a briefing document which also doubles as a quotation form for the job. In the document you’ll find everything you need to know about what we’re looking for, useful background information as well as the timetable for delivering this piece of work. We’ve also put together a document with our initial thoughts on what the job might entail but this is not an exhaustive list.

You might also find copies of our corporate SYHA and LiveWell brand guidance useful when putting together your application.

Contact us

If you’ve got any queries about this tender please email Helen Garside at h.garside@syha.co.uk

Garden and Landscape Maintenance – Invitation to Tender

South Yorkshire Housing Association is reviewing our providers of gardening and landscape maintenance services and would like to invite contractors with relevant experience to tender for the service.

Currently we have in excess of 200 sites, and most – but not all – are located in South Yorkshire. We have broken them down into seven areas based upon their geographical location.  There is no restriction on how many areas a contractor can tender for; however, each area must be tendered for individually with a separate breakdown of costings for each.

The sites range from individual customers gardens, through to large landscaped gardens at some of our bigger care sites. Therefore, it is up to the contractor to be fully familiar with the nature and extent of their obligations before submitting a tender.  Typically, the contract will include litter picking, grass cutting, landscaping, shrub/rose bed maintenance, hedge maintenance, weed/moss control, culvert clearing and other environmental works although not everything will be relevant at every site. Specialist work such as the removal of Japanese knotweed or tree surgery sits outside the scope of this contract.

The following documentation is available to download (just click on the Document title):

All documentation is to be received before 12:00 noon on Friday 11th November 2016 and clearly marked ‘Gardening and Landscape Maintenance Quote’.

Instructions on how to complete the tender are detailed within the Request for Quotation Form.

Questions and Answers about the Tender Application:

Building Better Opportunities

South Yorkshire Housing Association is leading a partnership bid for the Building Better Opportunities programme.

Building Better Opportunities (holistic support) is a £2.7 million Sheffield City Region contract to support people with long-term health conditions, including mental health conditions, people with learning disabilities and people with multiple needs to progress into employment and learning.

We’re offering organisations across the region the chance to tender to be part of the project and work alongside us to deliver the project.

If you are interested in being involved in the project please complete an expression of interest form by 5pm on Friday 10 July.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, or would like to return an expression of interest form please contact Niall OíReilly, Head of Research and Development, on 0114 2900 238.

The project is funded by the Big Lottery using European Social Fund (ESF) match – you can find out more about the funding of the project by visiting the Big Lottery website.