To increase the supply of housing, we need to explore new and sometimes innovative ways of building homes alongside using traditional methods.   

New ways of building homes have the potential to be better for the environment, to meet or exceed the standards of traditional builds, and to be quicker and cheaper to complete.

To explore modern ways of building homes, we built two WikiHouses in Sheffield. They are made from plywood frames, which were constructed locally and brought to site. The pieces were then slotted together – like a giant jigsaw!

The end result was two timber-frame homes. We’re still evaluating our WikiHouses – we’re testing the efficiency of the homes, and talking to our customers about their fuel bills and what they think about their home.

We worked with some fantastic organisations on this project including WikiHouse Foundation, Architecture 00, Mascot Management, Chop Shop and Castle Building Services.

Watch this video to find out more about our WikiHouses.