Benefit cap will close supported housing for most vulnerable

The Chancellor’s proposal to cap LHA (Local Housing Allowance) would be a devastating blow for some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Unlike private accommodation, specialist housing provided by housing associations is about more than just a home to live in.

We provide the essential care and support for people most in need – these include older people, people with mental health needs, people with disabilities, care leavers, homeless veterans and victims of domestic violence.

According to the National Housing Federation, applying the cap to care and specialist housing would force the closure of at least 156,000 homes for vulnerable people across the UK.

How you can help

We need you to join the campaign to fight back against this decision. You can do this by:

  • Signing the national petition – if we get to 100,000 signatures we’ll force the Government to debate this issue
  • Raising awareness of our campaign, by tweeting or posting on Facebook
  • Writing a letter to your local MP (click here for a template – all you need to do is add in your MPs name and address)