It’s important to us that you don’t just love your home, but also that you love the are where you live. That’s why we have a team of neighbourhood workers who make sure your neighbourhood is kept friendly, welcoming, safe, secure, clean and tidy.

Who is my neighbourhood officer?

neighbourhoodYou just need to put your postcode in our map and you’ll be able to find out who your neighbourhood officer is.

How do I contact my neighbourhood officer?

You can get in touch with your neighbourhood officer by:

Who are the Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team?

Our Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team (NEAT) are a team of caretakers, gardeners and cleaners who keep your neighbourhoods looking smashing.

If your rent includes a service charge for keeping communal areas tidy, window cleaning and gardening, it’s probably our NEAT team who do it. The team also look after general things like removing graffiti and clearing fly-tipped rubbish, and they often take on other projects like improving areas of land.

Want to know more?

It’s your neighbourhood, so if there’s things we can do to make it better – we want you to tell us about it. Let us know what makes living in your neighbourhood lovely and what needs improving.

You can come and join us when we’re doing a walkabout, or get in touch with your housing officer at anytime. To learn more about how you can help, use this map to find out who your neighbourhood officer is and get in touch with them directly.