Want to move?

Moving home or swapping with another resident – a quick guide

We know that your housing needs may change. You might be looking for a larger home, a smaller property, something more suitable for your needs or just fancy a change of scenery.  Whatever your reasons for wanting to move, we are on hand to help.

There are four ways to find a new home. We think it’s best to try them all:


leaseholdersYou can apply for a transfer with us. Once you’re registered we will contact you if a suitable property of ours becomes available. If we think you’re move is more urgent than others we may award you priority to help you move as quickly as possible. To register just call our Customer Services Team on 0114 2900 200 or email us enquiries@syha.co.uk and we’ll post you a quick form to complete and return.

Please note that if your existing tenancy started after 1st July 2013 you will not be allowed to apply for a transfer until you have lived in your home for one year.

If you already have a Transfer registered with us but have had a change in circumstances, want to change the areas you’d like to move to or have any other enquiry, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Mutual Exchange

All of our tenants are free to swap homes with other tenants from other social landlords, Councils and Housing Associations. This is sometimes called a Mutual Exchange or more simply a house swap. You can start looking for swap as soon as you are one of our tenants, there is no need to wait.

To make finding a swap as easy as possible SYHA works with HomeSwapper. HomeSwapper is the UK’s largest home swap register and is used by most local Housing Associations and Councils. We pay an annual subscription so that our tenants can use it free of charge.

If you want to move, log on, get registered and start using HomeSwapper to search for properties throughout the UK and find your perfect home.

Local authorities

Local authorities (Councils) throughout the UK now allocate their own properties and some housing association properties through choice based lettings. To access these homes you need to contact the local authority where you are looking to move to and ask to register. If you are flexible about where you want to move to, you can register with more than one authority. You can find a list of all local authorities where we have properties here.

Once you’re registered you will need to then make bids on homes that are advertised each week. The local authority looks at all bids on each property and decides who to make an offer to. This decision is based on applicants need for re-housing and waiting time.

Other housing associations

Some larger housing associations still keep their own waiting lists. Simply give them a call and ask to register. Like local authorities, these housing associations will decide who to allocate homes to through applicants need for re-housing and waiting time. Below are three housing associations with homes in and around South Yorkshire that have open waiting lists: