In 1972 John Belcher, our founding CEO, set up the Sheffield Family Association from his kitchen table in response to the growing issue of homelessness in Sheffield. We were one of many housing organisations founded in the wake of Cathy Come Home (Ken Loach’s ground-breaking film about a family’s plight into homelessness) and, 50 years on, our purpose continues to inspire us to provide homes and services for people and families like Cathy.

To mark half a century working across the South Yorkshire region (and beyond!) we have captured some of our people’s memories, experiences and hopes for the future – you can hear more from our employees, customers and partners in our upcoming podcast series, content on our website, and more.

As well as this, we are continuing to do what South Yorkshire Housing Association has always done – responding to the challenges faced in our local communities with an innovative and caring approach which puts our customers first.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sharing more about our organisation’s history, and most importantly hearing from lots of diverse voices that are shaping our future.

We plan to be here for the long-term, and as so much of our work over the last 50 years has been delivered in partnership with many brilliant organisations, we would love to mark this milestone with you. If you’re interested in being involved with our anniversary work, please get in touch with