It’s fantastic to see the Centre for Ageing Better has launched an anti-ageism campaign Ageing Without Limits. Here at the Good Practice Mentors, campaigning against and increasing awareness of ageism is a priority of ours.

We are sharing the learning from Leeds Older People’s Forum’s Time to Shine age proud campaign. The older members, who co-produced the programme, believed that the prevailing ageism across society contributed to isolation and loneliness. They thought that decision makers large and small used ageist stereotypes, or didn’t think about older people at all when making decisions. This results in older people facing barriers when accessing employment, health, financial, housing and transport and services and opportunities.

At Leeds Older People’s Forum, we have a team that supports people in Leeds to make sure their services are inclusive for people of all ages. We also support businesses to become dementia friendly. We work with organisations including medical practices, community organisations, small shops, council departments, and large commercial organisations like the White Rose Shopping Centre.   

Our Good Practice Mentor team can offer organisations across the UK an online introduction to recognising ageism in ourselves and others. We’ll introduce concepts of ageism, how it interacts with other forms of discrimination, and how you can become a more age friendly organisation.

To join the Good Practice Mentors’ ageism training, take a look at our Eventbrite programme of regular online events. Alternatively, ask us about running something bespoke for your organisation by contacting 

Jessica, Leeds Older People’s Forum