Digi Friends is our volunteer-led service providing personalised support to our customers on their digital journey. It was first launched in October 2020 and since then over 300 people have been referred into the service.  

Since summer 2021 we’ve been growing our numbers of volunteers and we’ve updated our referral process to make it easier than ever for customers living in our homes to succeed with their digital goals. 

Our friendly volunteers have helped customers:

  • Learn how to access our online customer services
  • Send emails
  • Shop online
  • Explore and discover new hobbies and interests
  • Stay in touch with family

“I used to approach the laptop with dread because I thought everything would go wrong, but now I approach it much more confidently and feel able to deal with challenges. My volunteer doesn’t seem to get alarmed, so it helps me to feel more confident to try new things. I’m 93 and I’m looking forward to learning new things!”

– Digi Friends Customer

“In the last few months I’ve conquered texting! I like sending texts now with emojis and having fun with Snapchat. I’ve got broadband and I’ve got my tablet now which I’m looking forward to using for emails. I want to get everything sorted with my phone. I love learning and I know I’ll get there in the end. It’s all about confidence and getting stuck in and taking the plunge!”

– Digi Friends Customer

“I’d like to renew my disability bus pass because the paperwork to do it is all online. I’m looking forward to having a bit more time with my Digi Friend to practice on my new device. “

– Digi Friends Customer

We’re always looking for more volunteers to support customers and you can find out more about what that involves in the video below.

“Volunteering with Digi Friends is a wonderful experience. It hasn’t only been about digital skills, but learning to teach someone with a very different level of experience to me. Both of us have to be patient with one another as we figure things out together and the result is a genuine human connection with someone I never would otherwise have met.”

– Digi Friends Volunteer

Looking for support from Digi Friends? Fill out our referral form or text ‘Digi Friends’ to 07800 996958 and we’ll call you back.

Could you volunteer with Digi Friends? Click here to register your interest or contact Lucy Smith on l.smith2@syha.co.uk to discuss the role further.