The Disasters Emergency Committee predicts that 18 million people will be affected by the escalating conflict in Ukraine, with 4 million people expected to flee their homes as the war continues. We know that many of our customers are looking for ways to offer help – here’s some of the ways you can support Ukrainian people, and what you need to do if you’re planning to be a Homes for Ukraine host.


What can I do to help?


You can help people in Ukraine by making a donation to the DEC’s Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal – they work with many charities, including the British Red Cross, to provide food, water, shelter and healthcare to refugees and displaced families.


Local organisations may also have volunteer opportunities, and invitations to donate clothes and other supplies. Your local voluntary action centre will be able to help you find any opportunities near you.


Homes for Ukraine


You can also help by welcoming a Ukrainian person or family into your home. The Government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme supports people to offer a spare room, or separate self-contained accommodation, to Ukrainian refugee(s) for at least six months.

Here are more details about how we’re supporting the resettlement efforts, and how to let us know if you’re taking part in the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

What are South Yorkshire Housing Association doing to help with housing?

We are working closely with Local Authorities to ensure that we contribute to any local efforts to provide emergency housing.

What are the options for hosting those seeking resettlement?

The most current information can be accessed through the Government’s ‘Homes for Ukraine’ information page and can be viewed here. There is also a set of FAQs that may answer some of the questions you have, which can be viewed here. We encourage you to consider this information carefully before deciding.

You should also register your interest in becoming a sponsor as part of the resettlement scheme, and we will confirm that you have done this before agreeing for you to host.

I’d like to consider opening my home up as part of the Ukraine refugee settlement programme.  Am I able to do this?

We want to make sure that this is as easy as possible for you to do this if you wish. For us to consider your request to host, please complete this form. Completing the form should take less than three minutes. We will get back to you with our decision no later than two weeks of receiving your form.



You should not request payment or charge to any individuals you host as part of this scheme.

We ask you to consider some things before you make this decision as part of your tenancy conditions, and expect that all customers wishing to offer rooms in your home have satisfactorily covered the following points.

  • The size of your home. There are strict guidelines on how many people can live within our properties to ensure that these are not considered ‘overcrowded’, which is set out in housing law. You can find this information in your tenancy agreement.
  • Financial assistance with your rent. Having people living with you, even short-term, could affect any financial help you receive towards your rent or service charges. This could be a payment from your local authority (Housing Benefit) or as part of any Universal Credit payment. It would be best to enquire whether any hosting could affect any payment you receive, as you will be expected to make up any difference. You can find further information on the Government’s website relating to hosting and income.
  • Other specific arrangements relevant to your home. There may be other arrangements around how your home was let to you, which could be related to age, or if you receive care or support services. You would have been advised of this when you moved into your home, but if not, please get in touch to check.
  • Insurance arrangements. It is worth checking whether any insurance policies on your home or contents could be affected by hosting.

Hosting Ukrainian Refugees Request Form

It’s great that you are considering this, and we want to make sure that this is as easy as possible for you to become a host. So that we can consider your request, please complete this form – once we have received your form we will be in touch within two weeks with our decision.