We’re really proud to have completed our new Bluefield Close development in Doncaster. It has 23 homes in total: 9 are three bedroomed, while the other 14 have two bedrooms.


Bluefield Close was a ‘package deal’, which means that a site had already been identified by the housebuilder. The specification of the properties already met our quality standards for the homes we build – we just needed to work on the final details that make South Yorkshire Housing Association homes a joy to live in.

All of our developments are special to us. We’re proud of our efforts to create the #MoreNewHomes we need across South Yorkshire, providing people with a safe and affordable place to settle, live well and realise their potential.

Our Bluefield Close development has something extra special – it’s named after the childhood home of Christine Davies, one of our project co-ordinators. We put forward a few options for the local authority to consider, as Christine explains…

“I came up with the first two ideas; Belgravia Place and Bennington Place – I’m sure you can tell, I was going for a theme! Then, I just decided to throw in my old childhood home’s name… and that was what they chose!”

During her 12 years with South Yorkshire Housing Association, Christine has worked on 23 schemes which have provided around 430 new homes for our customers. Thank you Christine!

“I really enjoyed working on this scheme. Not only did we have a good relationship with the contractors but worked with an architect, Brewster Bye, who we’d collaborated with before. This was a real bonus as we already knew how the houses would look and feel.”

Christine Davies
Project co-ordinator, South Yorkshire Housing Association