Our Promoting Independence Project is going into its third year of working with people to live independently.


The team are currently working with…



and an amazing 22 of those customers are living independently. 

It’s an exciting time for the project – as well as continuing to work with new customers, the team are about to celebrate their first customer living independently for nearly two years and transitioning off their support. Congratulations to our customer and team!


The Promoting Independence Project supports people living in residential care to move out and live independently. They have capacity for new referrals, and would love to hear from anyone who has a goal to live more independently.

If you’d like to find out more for yourself, or for someone you work with, please email our team on promotingindependence@syha.co.uk


Here’s an update from the team.

Our Walking Football group is back! Many of our customers and team members enjoy popping along to socialize, rediscover old interests, keep fit and create new friendships.

Our customers and team regularly enjoy visiting farms, parks, libraries and shops together, and we’re planning to resume our fortnightly Walking Groups.

This is Michael enjoying a stroll through the Botanical Gardens. He’s been enjoying getting out and about, and working on improving his fitness. He shared:

“I’ve not been through in years, and I’ve heard of the bear pit but never actually been to it.”

“This is therapeutic, and I’m proud of myself.”

Our customer Gary, after cooking for the first time in his new home

Learning or refreshing skills for independent living is a crucial step on the journey to preparing to live more independently. We use strengths-based, personalised action plans to learn and practice the essentials, such as budgeting, shopping, confidence using transport, cooking favourite meals, and budgeting.

Our customers and team have been enjoying returning to some great hands-on sessions where this practice and fun can take place.