People of SYHA is our new campaign that celebrates the brilliant people we have here at South Yorkshire Housing Association. We’re going to share stories about the lives, work, ambitions and values of our customers, tenants, volunteers and staff.

At South Yorkshire Housing Association, our purpose is for people we work with to settle at home, live well, and realise their potential. Feeling settled and living well means different things to the people and families that live across South Yorkshire, as we all have different preferences and goals. So, we offer a range of options for people to flourish in their home – from extra-care housing, to services and opportunities people can access in their home and community, to houses for affordable rent.

We’re really proud of the diversity of all our people, and of the services we offer. And, we value all our staff and volunteers, each bringing their own experiences, knowledge and talents to their role.

“When I started working for South Yorkshire Housing Association in 2017, I had no idea that there were so many different roles and opportunities across the business. I feel incredibly lucky to work alongside such a diverse, passionate and caring group of people. I’d encourage people from all walks of life to consider a career with us because we are really committed to our people and the places and communities that we work in.”

Vic Stirling
Head of Service at South Yorkshire Housing Association

To mark National Careers Week, we’re going to kickstart People of SYHA by introducing you to some of the people that work at South Yorkshire Housing Association. We asked them questions about what they do, what makes them brilliant at their role, and about their hopes and ambitions. We’re looking forward to introducing you to some of our people – and you may be surprised by the range of roles we have! Click here to meet them and find out more.

We’re looking forward to introducing you to more of our People of SYHA over the next few months.