Starts at Home Day celebrates services that work with people to live independent and fulfilling lives, and the importance of having a safe and secure home.

Today we’re sharing more about three of our services, and how they support our customers to settle and flourish in their home and community.

LiveWell at Home

Since 2017, LiveWell at Home has offered short term, high-impact support to people aged 55 and over. We work with people to remain living independently in their much-loved home, to connect with their community, to return home safely following a hospital stay, and/or to improve their health and wellbeing.

An older man standing in his shed and smiling. He's wearing a black hat and a short sleeved green shirt.


of our LiveWell at Home customers told us they were enjoying life more


said that their health had improved, and that they felt safer at home


shared that they felt they were contributing to their community.

January – March 2023 customer feedback

“My keyworker helped work out what I need to help me stay in my own home, and managed to get a ramp installed over the steps down from my front door so that I could safely leave the house.”

LiveWell at Home customer

“The project has transformed my life.”

LiveWell at Home customer

“I struggled with absorbing information, understanding letters and getting my benefits in place. The project was quick at resolving these issues and explained each stage of the process.”

LiveWell at Home customer

“Extremely helpful and compassionate staff.”

LiveWell at Home customer

Last year, we published this report to share more about the service we offer, how LiveWell at Home supports communities in Sheffield, and some stories and achievements from the people we work with.

Read the report
The cover of our LiveWell at Home report, called 'Where health starts at home'. There is an image of a silhouette of a house with a heart in the middle.

Beaufort Project

At the Beaufort Project we support adults with long-term mental health conditions to live independently in their own home. We offer furnished bedsits, flats and houses, one-to-one support from keyworkers, and opportunities to take part in a range of activities.

Our customers can get involved in walking and football groups, art sessions, gardening, looking after the service’s pet chickens, enjoying meals together, and trips – in August, our customers enjoyed a day out to Cleethorpes. 

'Beaufort' written in the sand at the beach in Cleethorpes.

Lister Project

The Lister Project is a warm and welcoming home for people living with mental health conditions. Customers have the independence, security and privacy of their own home, and support throughout their recovery.

We offer a spacious bedroom in one of five houses, shared communal spaces and a beautiful garden, and 24-hour support from our team. 

All of our activities are designed to give customers the opportunity to build on their strengths, learn new things, and develop the confidence and skills to live independently. They include healthy cooking, walking groups, volunteering, computer training, and arts and crafts.

Artwork on the window of the Lister summer house - colourful shapes and lines on black paper, with a pink mouth and the words 'sing'.

We’re recently worked with Maya Productions to offer a 12-week creative participation project at our Lister and Beaufort Project services. In these Moments of Joy sessions, our customers have explored different art forms – including visual arts, poetry and video, making a short film, pieces of art, and zines.

“It has helped me to map out my past, and made me feel listened to.”

Customer feedback
Moments of Joy