Heavy rain and wind means that we’re currently experiencing a high volume of calls to our repairs service.

Non-urgent repairs

If you have a repair that isn’t urgent, please get in touch with us early next week. This helps us to prioritise urgent issues, and will also reduce your waiting time on the phone.

Power cuts

If you experience a loss of power, please check if it’s a power cut in your local area. You can find out on the National Grid website, and they will also provide an estimation of when the problem will be resolved.

If the loss of power only affects your home, get in touch on 0800 1380 380.

Flood alerts

There are flood alerts for areas across South Yorkshire. It can be helpful to check these if you’re travelling, or to prepare for a possible flood in your area. Get in touch if there is flooding or significant water entering your home.

We hope you stay safe and well, and please let us know about any urgent issues or repairs by calling 0800 1380 380