We’re so pleased that Bernd has joined our Sustainability team.  

He’s had such an interesting career – starting off in Germany as an apprentice, then moving to Scotland to work on an eco-village and finally making the move to our Steel City. 

He brings lots of experience and knowledge to our teamand we’re all looking forward to working with him and our customers to get more sustainable in the way we deliver our services, and to tackle the Climate Emergency

Here’s more from Bernd… 

I started my career being trained as a technical construction draftsman in Germany before deciding to head to University to study environmental science and then heading to Scotland to work in an eco-village looking after the ecological water treatment system for three years.   

Then I made the move to a Millennium Project called the Earth Centre near Doncaster where we looked showcased at general Sustainable Development best practice, such as water savings management systemsurban drainage and green roofs and sustainable drainage design as well as renewable energy solutions

In 2003, I joined Sheffield City Council where we looked at reducing emissions and promoting active travel before moving to working with the customer engagement team at the Environmental Agency… and now it’s  over to South Yorkshire Housing Association!  

“I’ve always been interested in the built environment and when I saw this role, I knew that it was somewhere I wanted to work. It’s always been important to me, that you don’t just write a strategy but also implement it – that’s what we do here.”

I also wanted to learn more about the housing sector and be in an organisation that engages with its customers to decide what is best for them and our environment.  

I’m looking forward to learning more about the sector and organisation, along with looking at how we can implement an environmental management system.  

“If I do my little bit and hopefully everyone does theirs, it will add up and contribute to make a positive change – in our team, the organisation, for our customers, our city, the region and the world beyond.”

Outside of work, I love anything outdoors! Whether that’s running – although it’s more jogging these days  walking or spending time in my allotment.   

To me, home isn’t just about the four walls around you. It’s about the garden and the surrounding neighbourhood – it’s that feeling that we are in a friendly and supportive community. I am not sure when exactly I adopted Sheffield as my ‘home, or if Sheffield it adopted me, but I’m very glad to call it home.