White Willows hosted fantastic celebrations on their special day.

Over 100 residents, their loved ones, team members, people from the local community, care staff, contractors and builders joined together last week to celebrate 10 happy years of White Willows. 

We designed and built White Willows in 2010 to provide supported accommodation for people aged 50 and over. Residents live in their own personalised flats and everyone has access to several communal spaces where there are regular events, activities, and opportunities to relax together. 

At the celebration we premiered a special 10th anniversary film featuring many of our brilliant residents, along with a full day and evening of speeches, personalised cakes, a ‘70s disco, a shared meal, and lots of reminiscing together.  

With on-site catering facilities, hairdressing facilities, and the option to receive varying levels of care in homes, White Willows provides a multitude of ways to live well and to live independently. White Willows also partners with Sheffield universities to host occupational therapy students who continue to have a great impact on the lives of everyone living there.  

Over the last 10 years residents have enjoyed organising day trips, taking holidays, developing new friendships, discovering exciting hobbies, taking part in many charitable actives, and even finding new love! White Willows has allowed couples of 50+ years to stay living together, brought daily joy through the outdoor spaces and incredible views, and most importantly it continues to show how living in shared accommodation can empower people to thrive as they grow older. 

“On my first day, I came down to the lounge and had a cup of tea and a biscuit and I’ve been happy ever since.”

Jean Rollitt
Jean has lived at White Willows for 9 years

Kathleen Roberts has lived at White Willows since the very early days of the development. She said, “Moving here is the best thing I’ve ever done. When I come through the doors at the end of the day I think, ‘ahhh it’s good to be home’.” 

Tony Stacey, our CEO, attended the celebration event and said, “it was great to spend time with the residents in their wonderful home. As we are an ageing population, it is more important than ever that we keep providing homes just like White Willows: places that empower people to continue to live independent, joyful and fulfilling lives.”