Our values

In 1972 SYHA emerged with a clear aim to provide homes for vulnerable people.

Over 40 years later our aim hasn’t changed – we’re still here to help provide homes for those in need. With this aim in mind we’ve summarised our purpose in to three main areas – “With SYHA you can settle at home, live well and realise your potential”.

At SYHA we have five main strategies to help us achieve our purpose:

  • Settle at home –  to help people find, and get established in, a home that works for them.
  • Live well and realise your potential –  to design and deliver services with our customers that build their wellbeing and resilience and improve their chance of getting meaningful work.
  • Active asset management – to get the maximum value from our assets for our customers and our business.
  • Growth – to grow our business through new high quality and affordable homes, and new and existing business streams that are financially sustainable.
  • Sustaining our business – to protect our business in an age of austerity so we can be here for the long term.

Our Strategic Plan for 2015-17 outlines our current plans to achieve our purpose, outlines our priorities and makes sure that we are on target to meet our objectives as an organisation.