Equality and diversity

Diversity, equality and the right to fair treatment are just as important to us as they are to all of our customers.

Welcoming and promoting diversity is one of our core values. We treat all our customers as individuals and tailor our services to suit their specific needs to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to make the most of our services.

We have a dedicated equality and diversity steering group who work to ensure that our values on equality, diversity and inclusion are part of everything we do, including setting our standards, targets and best practice. The are responsible for implementing our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and act as ambassadors for equality across the organisation.

A good example of diversity at SYHA is the wide range of employment opportunities that we offer. We support apprenticeships and graduate opportunities across the organisation – you can find out more about these opportunities by visiting our dedicated careers site at www.syha-careers.co.uk

Want to know more?

If you feel like you haven’t been treated fairly, with courtesy, or with respect, or you’d like more information on what makes us such a diverse organisation, get in touch.

You can call us on 0114 2900 200 or send an email to enquiries@syha.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.