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Strengths-based Approaches

Go from ‘what’s wrong’ to ‘what’s strong’

A fully customisable training workshop tailored to your organisation’s needs and designed with you. Our two-day workshop can be delivered virtually or in person.

  • You will gain an understanding of strengths-based practice and its underlying values.
  • Feel more confident about using a Strengths-based Assessment and how it can be applied within a strengths-based model.
  • Increase your knowledge and skills for working with customers  – ideas, techniques and tools which can be applied to your customers’ circumstances.

Stronger Together

A Co-Production Toolkit from Ageing Better

Co-production has been at the very heart of Ageing Better’s work. The voices of older people have been involved within every aspect of our programme – including the design, delivery and evaluation of services, projects and activities for people aged 50 and over. The toolkit captures their learning and experience, and is full of co-production stories and resources.

If you would like some support to implement and understand the Co-Production Toolkit, a fully customisable training workshop, tailored to your organisation’s needs, is available. Our one-day workshop can be delivered virtually or in person.

  • Gain information, tools and resources for understanding what co-production is and how to put it into practice.
  • Learn how to co-produce services and projects that are sustainable, inclusive and fully representative of the people within your community.

A guide to growing communities

Learning from the Well Rotherham programme

Well Rotherham connected local people, health experts, public services, businesses, voluntary and community groups who all wanted to make a difference.

Using Asset-Based Community Development, Well Rotherham acted as a catalyst to launch local independent projects and built reciprocal relationships in the community. Learn more about these experiences in this free guide.

Our one-day workshop has been designed to enable you to take Asset-Based Community Development into neighbourhoods to create empowered, healthier and connected communities. We’ll use experiences and stories from Well Rotherham to learn tools and create a strategy. The workshop can be delivered virtually or in person.

Service design and delivery

Does your organisation want to work in a strengths-based way, placing your customers at the heart of your project or service?

We have experience designing and implementing projects with lots of different communities. We can work with you to create the design and delivery of any service or project which seeks to take a strengths-based approach.


Customer conversations

We can support you to start a meaningful conversation with your customers. We have experience in engaging with diverse groups of people, and can support you to facilitate community conversations, design and conduct customer surveys, and host co-produced customer events.

Contact us to explore how we can customise your own customer conversation.

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