This section features content from Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and Middlesbrough. It’s full of examples which show how micro-funding and small grants led to significant community development in places across the country, some of which became self sustaining (there’s a resource on how to do that below!).

Here’s the Contents page which has more information about what you can expect in the below resources – Microfunding for community development.pdf

1A. Co-production in Microfunding Toolkit – Introduction and structure of this toolkit (PDF 26MB)
1B. Co-production in Microfunding Toolkit – What is co-production within microfunding (PDF 5.2MB)
1C. Co-production in Microfunding Toolkit – Resources for funders (PDF 9.5MB)
1D. Co-production in Microfunding Toolkit – Resources for individuals and community groups (PDF 11.2MB)
1E. Co-production in Microfunding Toolkit – Case studies (PDF 37.2MB)
1F. Co-production in Microfunding Toolkit – Further Reading (PDF 925KB)
1G. Microfunding through co production, 10 02 2021 (video)
2A. Ambition for Ageing – Changing a place – Microfunding, co-production and community development (PDF 4MB)
2B. Ambition for Ageing – Supportive funding – Technical guidance on delivering a wraparound microfunding model (PDF 7.2MB)
2C. Microfunding, Co production & Community Development – Ambition for Ageing, 28 04 2021 (video)
3A. BAB Community Kick-Start Fund – Evaluation (PDF 2.3MB)
3B. BAB Community Kick-Start Fund – Evaluation addendum during Covid-19 (PDF 953KB)
3C. BAB Community Kick-Start Fund – Summary of the evaluation (PDF 301KB)
3D. BAB Community Kick-Start Fund – What have we learnt so far (PDF 288KB)
3E. BAB Community Kick-Start Fund – New and improved – changes we’ve made in 2018 (PDF 734KB)
4. Time to Shine Leeds – Reducing the loneliness of vulnerable groups – a case study of the Small Funds project (PDF 209KB)
5A. The National Lottery Community Fund – A Meeting of Minds (PDF 2.3MB)
5B. The National Lottery Community Fund – Micro-funding – Empowering communities to create grassroots change, summary report (PDF 6.76MB)