Welcome to ‘Stronger Together – A
Co-production Toolkit from Ageing Better’.

If you’re using co-production to involve people in the design of services that impact them and their communities, then this Toolkit is for you.

The many contributions you’ll find in the Toolkit are from different organisations and people across England, all of whom were part of Ageing Better – a 7 year, National Lottery funded programme which worked to help end loneliness and isolation for people aged 50 and over. Here at South Yorkshire Housing Association, we delivered Age Better in Sheffield (one of the 14 Ageing Better projects) and led on the co-production of the Stronger Together Toolkit in partnership with the other Ageing Better organisations.

Whether you’re just starting out with co-production, or looking to refine your methods to meet a specific challenge, we hope you will find plenty of useful insights and inspiring stories in this Toolkit.

About the Toolkit

There are 3 main elements to the Stronger Together Toolkit, all of which can be accessed here on this page.

  • Learning guides to help you best use the Toolkit
  • A 72 page introductory PDF document (which you can host on your own site if you’d like!).
  • A vast resource library with hundreds of pieces of content to explore (this content is linked to in the intro PDF, too).

We’d recommend first reading this document to find out more about the different parts of the Toolkit, and then you can scroll down to get stuck in.