At Co:Create we believe that the best services are designed by the people that use them on a daily basis. And there’s only one way to do this. By genuinely engaging with real people from the earliest possible stage of designing a service.

How do we do this? It’s simple. By co-designing, co-delivering and co-evaluating services with current and future users, as well as professionals. Our work gives commissioners of health and social care services the head space, resources and connections to design, deliver and evaluate their services. To find out more about what we do, just visit our website at

Who are we?

Co:Create are based at South Yorkshire Housing Association. Our team has a diverse professional background with significant experience of front-line health and social care service delivery.

We’ve been funded by the Department of Health to develop commissioning practice, and help design personalised and responsive services that effectively integrate the needs and expectations of customers. Co:Create is supported by a voluntary Project Advisory Group which benefits from extensive expertise in co-production and health and social care commissioning.

What does Co:Create do?

We provide a bespoke service to health and social care commissioners. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to co-design. We believe in authentic collaboration with partners, and take time to fully understand the root cause of a problem in order to provide creative solutions. What sets us apart is that we connect human stories to strategy.

We’ve got experience in:

  • Co-producing engagement events involving different communities in evaluating, designing and testing new ideas for services.
  • Working at grassroots level to involve and engage people and groups, including those most disadvantaged and disengaged.
  • Connecting third-sector partners and community groups in the co-production of health and social care services.
  • Working side-by-side with councils and health and social care bodies, to help them gain a fresh insight into what their customers need from a service.

What makes us different?

Co:Create facilitates fundamentally different approaches to time-old challenges. The way we work is innovative, engaging, creative and fun. Using a range of methodologies, including behavioural insights and design thinking, Co:Create work with commissioners to think differently about the role that customers can take in developing strategy, commissioning services and assessing impact.

With an asset-based and person-centred starting point, Co:Create takes advice from Einstein (always a good starting point!): “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

What commissioners say

“What you’ve done is made me realise that we assume what people want, but we don’t really know and we need to find out.” CCG Chief Officer

“Co:Create have given me the headspace and confidence to question the way that I work” Children’s Social Care Commissioner

How to get involved


If you are interested in discussing how Co:Create can support your organisation, please get in touch with us by emailing Morwenna Foden at or call 0114 2900 200.


We would love to hear from anyone who has an interest in improving health and social care. Co:Create has a range of volunteering opportunities, from office based work, to supporting us in creative community engagement.

We have all sorts of roles, such as a research assistant roles for people who may be studying subjects including politics, sociology or occupational health, or champion roles for people who have experience in health and social services. We’ll help you find a role that fits best with your skills and make sure you get all the training you need.










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