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    We aim to get it right – first time and every time. However, if things go wrong, we want our customers to tell us if they are unhappy with the service they’ve received. We’ll use this information to put things right, to learn from mistakes, and to improve our services.

    If you are making a first request for a service or for information, it may not be a complaint. If you think this is the case, you can choose to:

    To make a complaint, fill in our online complaint form below.

    Please let us know if you need help to make a complaint. We can organise interpreting services, Braille and signing facilities. We will make any reasonable adjustment you need to help you use this service.

    What happens next?

    Your complaint will be acknowledged within 48 hours.

    Your complaint will be given a Complaint Owner who will investigate your complaint thoroughly, and keep you informed of any progress.  We aim to provide you with a response to the complaint within 14 days. 

    At any point during the process you can refer your concerns to the Housing Ombudsman for guidance. For more information, visit the Housing Ombudsman website or read our complaints handling self-assessment form.

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