Coronavirus: information for our customers

Following the government’s latest guidance, we have reviewed what the lifting of restrictions means for our customers and services.


Our services

Many of our services are now operating as normal, but we are still encouraging our employees and customers to consider how they can keep themselves, and others, safe.

Read more about the Government’s guidance on how to reduce transmissions.

Repairs and maintenance

We are now taking booking for repairs as normal. Find out more about reporting repairs.

There are still issues with some of our stock supplies from external suppliers, which may result in some delays. If you report a repair, we will keep you updated about any changes or delays.

Refurbishment and replacement works

We have restarted all our planned refurbishment and replacement works. Our priority will be to catch up on works that were postponed last year. However, we are finding some materials difficult to get hold of due to manufacturing closedowns during the Coranavirus outbreak, which may result in some delays.

Moving Home

Transfers will continue where there has been an urgent rehousing need identified. Please get it touch with a Housing Officer who will be able to help you through this process. You can reach a Housing Officer by calling 0114 2900 200 and speaking to our Customer Connect team.

Lettings and mutual exchanges will continue as normal.

Find out more about transfers and swaps.

Our Extra Care services

Our Extra Care services are open for new lettings. Please contact the individual service to discuss your application or rehousing.

If you are visiting a resident, please make sure that you:

• Continue to follow good hand hygiene practices

• Consider taking a lateral flow test before your arrival
• Do not visit if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19
• Open windows in flats – good ventilation is key

• Get fully vaccinated (unless medically exempt).

Our LiveWell services (with the exception of some shared properties) are now open for new lettings. Please contact the individual service to discuss your application or rehousing options. 

Our buildings

Our buildings are open, with a reduced capacity and safety measures in place. We are also continuing to complete work remotely.

We are welcoming visitors back to our Rockingham Street office. You can also get in touch with us online or by calling 0114 2900 200 or 0800 1380 380. Please do not visit our buildings if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.

Our new online customer services

We launched our online services, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customers can create an account on to view their balance and pay their rent, change their details, and more! Find out more about our new services.


Useful tools and resources

Websites, groups and opportunities that can help you to stay well.

Budgeting and finances

We have some tools to help you find out what benefits you can claim, and to create a budget plan.

Go to the Pay My Rent page on our website, and scroll down to Useful tools and calculators.

If you are worried about paying your rent, please get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Give us a call 0114 2900 200 or send an email to

Coronavirus scams

There has been a sharp increase in fraudsters targeting the public during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is some information that can help you to be more vigilant against fraud, and about sharing financial and personal information.

Criminals are experts at impersonating people, organisations and the police.  Some of the examples that are happening are:

  • Emails, texts, phone calls and WhatsApp messages claiming to be from the government, e.g. offering grants, rebates or compensation.
  • The set up of bogus websites asking for donations for victims or promoting awareness and prevention tips
  • Online shopping scams

To help protect yourself:

  • Be sceptical if you receive an email, text or WhatsApp message about the virus or from the government, and never click on any attachments or links.
  • Never provide personal data such as your full name, address and date of birth – scammers can use this information to steal your identity.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into donating money. Never make donations by cash or gift card, and never send money through transfer agents such as Western Union or Moneygram.


We have lots of opportunities for people to volunteer in their community, and we’d love to work with you to make a difference to those in need.

Many of our residents, and members of the public, want to help others at this difficult time. You can sign up to volunteer with us, or take a look at the funding, guidance and support available if you’re already doing brilliant things to support people in your neighbourhood.

Find out more about our volunteering opportunities here. 

You can contact the Volunteering Team by…


All information accurate from 31.12.21 and subject to change.

Read the Government’s latest advice on Coronavirus here.