Hello everyone, and welcome to this year’s Annual Review. 

This year will be mainly remembered for the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown, which has affected us all. I am delighted to say that South Yorkshire Housing Association never closed: we have continued to be open for business to do essential repairs, provide support for people in our extra-care and supported housing, work with people in our communities, and much more. Our people have all done an incredible job, and I’m very proud.


What’s really struck me is that, as an organisation, we’ve also managed to move forward on our six strategic themes. I’ve been bowled over by how we’ve managed to both keep our services going, and make improvements that will help us to deliver our purpose.

In addition to that, our work on Black Lives Matter has recently been centre stage. Next year, we’ll be able to tell you about how we’ve transformed our organisation in response to all the issues Black Lives Matter has raised.

Tony Stacey
Chief executive