The basics are the heart of what we do – they’re the foundation that empowers our customers to settle and flourish in their home.

We build trust and relationships with our customers by consistently providing high-quality services, and listening to what matters to them.


Repairs, upgrades and customer feedback

Customer satisfaction with their new home – 2019/20


95% satisfied with the service from SYHA

96% satisfied with the contact from SYHA

96% satisfied with the area as a place to live

99% satisfied with your new property

Our tenants’ satisfaction with their new home has remained consistently high over the last 10 years.


We make sure all our new tenants are on a low-rate energy tariff through our partnership with Utility Renewals, helping to save them money.


For our ‘general needs’ customers, we have completed:

204 kitchens

114 bathrooms

109 central heating systems

145 new windows and doors 

Customer satisfaction with these upgrades:

Notice given acceptable – 95%

Operatives polite and courteous – 100%

Overall satisfaction with work – 96%

For customers with additional needs, we have completed:

21 kitchens including large shared communal kitchens

28 bathrooms and wet rooms

18 door and window replacements and 24 front flat fire doors

44 central heating systems and boiler upgrades 

Customer satisfaction with our overall service – 88% satisfied or very satisfied 

As part of our new strategic theme of Doing the basics brilliantly, we’re exploring with customers how we can increase satisfaction.  We know that we could be clearer on timescales, and communicate better when we have delays.  This will be a focus for our maintenance team in the coming year.

Customers have told us that the current satisfaction survey could do with an overhaul.  This year, we’re collaborating with customers to co-design a new survey that aims to identify the source of any dissatisfaction.

Customers have asked us to make it easier to feed back when things have gone well, and when things haven’t.  We’re creating more quick and accessible ways to get in touch with us through our new online customer services.

We’re driving improvements in our internal reporting systems to help us spot when timescales are starting to slip, so we can step in and act before things go wrong.

“I recently moved into a new home with SYHA and could not ask for any more with regard to the quality of my home and the services provided by the team. My new home is lovely”

“Just want to say thank you so much for all your help and support you have given us over the last 11 months. The house feels so comfy and already feels like home”

“To all who are doing so much to look after us so well, working so hard behind the scenes and upfront. ‘Thank you’ are only two words but say so much more than you realise. Thank you”

If you have feedback you’d like to share, get in touch or email


New homes

Our development team have continued to create new, high-quality, affordable homes across Sheffield City Region.

Here are 11 of our newest homes in Chesterfield. These two and three-bedroom family homes have community at their heart, with a lovely shared courtyard.

In November 2020, we will complete our development of 18 new homes in Sheffield. They will be a mix of homes for rent and shared ownership properties. We’re also planning to work with our residents and Steve Roche, a local stonemason, to create some unique sculptures for the community.

A decade of feeling at home 

White Willows, our extra-care housing for people aged 50 and over, celebrated their 10th anniversary earlier this year. Our residents got together for a 70s disco, food, and to share memories of the joy and independence their home brings.

Find out more about White Willows

“Moving here is the best thing I’ve ever done. When I come through the doors at the end of the day I think, ‘ah – it’s good to be home’”

White Willows resident