This #CoProductionWeek we’re really pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting a new webinar series all about co-production later on in the year.

Starting in September 2022, the series will focus on sharing more about: creating a co-production culture, involving your community in co-production, developing a strengths based approach (Asset Based Community Development), and embedding co-production/ABCD in practice.

There will be 6 webinars in total, hosted and delivered by a variety of teams including Co-Create, the Growing Communities team, and the Good Practice Mentor team here at South Yorkshire Housing Association.

If you’re interested in receiving the sign-up link for the webinars once they’re available, please like the announcement tweet.

Here’s some more information about each of the webinars:

  1. Stronger Together: How to Embed a Co-production Culture

Introducing The Stronger Together Toolkit – a rich, diverse, and accessible resource to help you understand what co-production is, where to start and how to overcome the barriers to creating a co-produced way of working.

2. Embedding Co-production and Asset Based Community in practice

This webinar will help you to consider your longer-term future vision for co-production and Asset Based Community Development. We will highlight some of the challenges and give examples on how to overcome them, as well as ways in which you can incorporate a framework for sustainable change and growth.

3. Increasing Diversity of Engagement

Learning from the Ageing Better programme and SYHA’s citizen led approach to ensuring that co-production is representative of the services, projects, and communities that it is intending to serve. This will include drawing from the grassroots experience of 14 national partners such as Ageing Better in Birmingham who represented a super diverse city. We will share tips for increasing engagement and learning from a tapestry of perspectives.

4. Creating the Culture: Making engaging with people and communities business as usual

Involving people and communities is the best way to ensure that services are as inclusive as possible, and resources are targeted to where they will create the most benefit. This involvement needs resources, and the investment can take time to realise. But over time, relationships can be built, and a culture of trust created. Listening to people’s needs can become the norm.

5. Developing a Strength Based approach to Co-production

Learning from the Ageing Better programme and SYHA’s Growing Communities approach to Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) This will include sharing the best ways of mapping the strengths and assets within your communities.  Focusing on Well Rotherham and other place-based projects, we will share our experience of strengthening partnerships and engaging communities to draw out and link together the many gifts and talents of people in their local places.

6. Learning from Co-production: Tips and tricks from our work in Primary Care

This session will be facilitated by Co-create, who use their knowledge of co-production and co-design to connect lived experience to change in ways that create lasting, meaningful improvements.

Co-create have been working with primary care services since 2019, developing ways for busy staff and clinicians to start involving local people and communities in what they do. In this session they’ll share some of their learning from the past 3 years and some practical tips for you to use in your work.