At Growing Communities we’re proud of our community led, person centered and strengths-based approaches to designing services “with people” and “for the communities” that we are intending to serve.

We want to share our learning in a way that supports other like-minded organisations to build their knowledge, skills and expertise and have created a suite of tailored co-production training, coaching & mentoring packages which will support you to:

  • improve your understanding of what co-production is, what it isn’t and where to start
  • co-design your own unique set of co-production values and principles
  • draw on community strengths using asset-based community development
  • explore what co-production means to you and the communities you work with
  • expand the ways in which you work with others to ensure diversity of engagement and inclusion
  • develop a framework and guidelines that embed co-production

Drawing from our Stronger Together Toolkit and other legacies like Well Rotherham we’ve based our training and coaching around four co-production themes: creating a co-production culture, involving your community, developing a strengths-based approach, and embedding co-production in practice.

Our training and coaching packages can be tailored to exactly what you need. You’ll choose the explore, immerse or deep dive option depending on what you’d like support with.


  • Explore: choose our introductory training session ‘creating a co-production culture’ along with one of the other three themes
  • Immerse: embrace co-production more fully by choosing all four of the themes
  • Deep dive: more tailored support is on hand to embed co-production in practice. We offer coaching and mentoring designed for you and your organisation’s journey
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Find out more about the four themes and the training and coaching packages in the guide below. 

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you, book a discovery call with our team or get in touch for more information.

Download our offer (PDF)

As part of our offer, we’ve launched our free Growing Communities co-production assessment tool.

This has been designed to help you reflect on your co-production journey, discover how you can make improvements and enhance your approach.

It takes 10 minutes to complete, and you’ll get personalised results and resources along with more information.

Before you book a discovery call, it may be helpful to complete the assessment so that we (and you!) know where you are on your journey so we can advise on the best training and coaching package.

Complete the assessment tool