The basics are the heart of what we do – they’re the foundation that empowers our customers to settle and flourish in their home.

We build trust and relationships with our customers by consistently providing high-quality services, and listening to what matters to them.


Repairs, upgrades and customer feedback

Customer satisfaction with their new home – 2020/21


98% satisfied with the service from SYHA

99% satisfied with the contact from SYHA

96% satisfied with the area as a place to live

99% satisfied with your new property

To meet Government Covid-19 guidelines, and to keep our customers and employees safe, we were unable to complete all of our 2020/21 planned worksAny outstanding improvements will be made in our 2021/22 improvement programme.

We completed these upgrades for our customers:

105 kitchens

84 windows and doors 

45 electrics

142 central heating systems

Customer satisfaction with these upgrades:

Notice given acceptable – 97%

Operatives polite and courteous – 98%

Overall satisfaction with work – 99%

For customers with additional needs, we have completed:

7 kitchens 

24 central heating systems

47 door and windows

64 external decorating

We also completed upgrades to bathrooms and warden call systems.

“Excellent from start to finish – very, very pleased and impressed.”

A customer’s feedback on their new kitchen

Overall customer satisfaction – 2020/21


Customer satisfaction with our overall service – 86% satisfied or very satisfied

Customer satisfaction with our repairs service – 83% satisfied or very satisfied

Our customers’ overall satisfaction with repairs is lower than our target – we want at least 85% of our customers to be satisfied or very satisfied with our repairs service. Our Customer Experience team are reviewing how we collect feedback from our customers, so that we can get a better understanding of what’s working well and where we could improve. For example, when you book a repair, we’ll ask you for feedback on how quickly we responded, the quality of the repair, our communication with you, and more. We want to hear about all the different parts of your experience, so that we can make the right changes and improvements.

We’ve already used feedback from our customers to change the questions we ask in our satisfaction surveys, and made other changes – like creating digital version of the surveys – that will help us to hear about your experiences, and to take action, more quickly.


Doing the basics brilliantly

In January and February 2021, we worked with Viewpoint to find out more about what ‘Doing the basics brilliantly’ means to our customers. We heard from over 600 customers, over the telephone and on an online survey, about the behaviours and services they expect from South Yorkshire Housing Association. We’re using the responses to help us to design projects and services – including the co-design of our new Customer Promises – and to monitor how we’re doing. 

“I expect value for money, [and for people] not to skip corners, and to check that when a repair has been done, it has been done properly.”

“We want kind and friendly, helpful, efficient and knowledgeable staff across the board, especially the customer services team.”

Our new complaints process

If you need to make a complaint, we’ve made it easier for you to get in touch and stay updated about what’s going on. Our new process will improve how we take action and learn from complaints.

Find out more about our new process.