We’re working with communities in Canklow to find out what they love about the area, and what they’d change.

Over the last few months, we’ve collaborated with residents to learn more about the area and their ideas for improvements.

Here’s an update on what we’ve achieved and learned so far.

Over 0 people

have shared their thoughts about Canklow, and their ideas for improvements.

We’ve visited Canklow to talk to local residents and organisations, held events, and created a free number for people to text their thoughts and ideas to.

And this is what we’ve learned so far! These are the most popular answers to the questions we’ve asked…

People in Canklow love

  • The community
  • Friends and family
  • The woods

People in Canklow would like to see

  • Group activities for all ages (such as fishing, bingo, and a kids’ club)
  • A better pub, cafe and chip shop
  • Less litter and fly tipping

Lots of people said they’d like more community activities in the area. In June, we worked with Pif-Paf theatre to bring their Moths at Work tour to the streets of Canklow!

What’s next?

We’re working with Canklow based social enterprise Casting Innovations and Canklow Rainbow Kids Club to organise a pop-up cafe. We’re also working with local resident, and butterfly enthusiast, Steve and The Wildlife Trust to run two family friendly activity days on 10 and 17 August, where we’ll be exploring local green spaces.
If you’d like to get involved or find out more, contact Charis on c.oliver-hobley@syha.co.uk