Our Green spaces

We’re working with some of our communities to improve local green spaces.

How would you improve your local green spaces?


The green spaces near our homes are essential to our wellbeing, and can create lovely places for communities to get together. Well-designed environments can also increase biodiversity and help to tackle the climate crisis.

We have some great ideas and we’d really like to hear yours! If you live in Canklow or Masborough, get in touch to join the conversation about improving the green spaces near you.


On 8th December, we met with some of our customers in Canklow.

It was a big success, and we chatted about green ideas, and about what people love about living in Canklow.
We used video calling (on Zoom), and some customers phoned in too – so even if you don’t have a good internet connection or a smart phone you can still get involved.

To find out more, or to take part in future sessions, talk to your neighbourhood officer, or Charis from the Customer Collaboration team on…

  • c.oliver-hobley@syha.co.uk
  • or 0114 2900282 / 07393462645

We’ll update this page as the project progresses. Keep checking back to see how we’re getting on, and for opportunities to get involved.