Science is everywhere – from the moment the sun rises, right through to the stars in the night sky. It inspires, helps save lives, challenges us and educates which is why it’s important we celebrate science itself and the brilliant minds behind it whenever we can.

North Star: a People’s Picture is doing just that. Working in partnership with some fantastic organisations such as the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham, the interactive artwork aims to bring people together to celebrate a love of science and the great minds who have charted a course through innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

Helen Marshall, artistic director CEO of The People’s Picture said: “I’m proud to have been invited as an artist to explore the stories and pictures from the community. I’m excited to harness the technology at the intersection between science and art – bringing together the wonderful pictures and stories to make one beautiful piece of artwork to celebrate STEAM and its impact of the community.”

The art project is running ahead of the North Star, a Science Summer School Event which is still hoping to take place on 1 December at the new Gulliver’s Valley resort in Rotherham during the day, and the AMRC Training Centre in the evening. The event is part of the Professor Brian Cox’s Science Summer School which was started in partnership with Lord Andrew Mawson.

“All of us involved in this believe that inspired communities can chart their own path to health, wealth and happiness. We know that our communities are full of inspirational stories and North Star: a People’s Picture is a great way to share them all.”

Kris MacKay
Programme Manager for Well Rotherham

Kris Mackay, Programme Manager for Well Rotherham said: “South Yorkshire has a proud industrial heritage built from the power of steam, inventions and improvement in manufacturing processes which is why it’s fantastic we can celebrate this alongside STEAM.”

Over the course of the year, we’ll be asking schools, teachers, leading experts in the STEAM fields and anyone inspired by science to get involved in our interactive galaxy.

To take part, visit the website and upload your favourite photograph that represents how science has inspired you.

“It’s a privilege to be involved with Well Rotherham to pique more young people’s interest in Science, particularly given some of the world-leading work we undertake here at the AMP. I’ll be personally encouraging all residents and businesses at Waverley to take part in the People’s Picture and I can’t wait to see the result.”

Duncan Armstrong Payne
Responsible for the Waverley development at Harworth Group