Annual health check

Our amazing Customer Scrutiny Panel have completed their first Annual Health Check – researching and evaluating how we’re doing in meeting our customer promises.

Collectively, the panel spent 27 hours interviewing people across the organisation. They also analysed a range of data, including customer satisfaction scores.

The Annual Health Check provides us with information about what we’re doing well and where we need to improve, and the panel have summarised their findings with some key recommendations for each of our customer promises.

“We are so grateful for the time and talents the Customer Scrutiny Panel have shared with us. Their insights and recommendations will help us to reflect on what’s gone well, and to make and prioritise improvements.”

Gareth Wallace-Parkin
Housing Services Director

“At the beginning, being involved was a chance for me to gain more skills – but I’ve carried it on because it’s really been hammered home to us that our voices want to be heard and that they’re important.”

Customer Scrutiny Panel


“I had a really positive response from the community, including people who live directly across the road from the development. There were some lovely suggestions – including the Handsworth Sword Dancers’ boxing day wassailing performance!”

Steve Roche

Thanks so much to all the customers that collaborated with us and shared memorable times in their lives. Some of the dates, times and numbers we included are…

  • the target date a customer set himself to find employment
  • 5th November for a younger customer that loves Bonfire Night
  • lots of football team numbers – for both local and international players!

Changing Futures

Our new Co-production and Peer Support service is delivered in partnership with Crisis, and will support the Changing Futures programme in Sheffield. We’re creating opportunities for people with lived experience of multiple disadvantage to influence and improve local services and support, and to be part of our network of volunteer peer mentors.

“Working with people who have been through similar life experiences to me is important – how can you understand where I’m going if you don’t know where I’ve come from? It’s a perfect opportunity to be part of the solution instead of the cause, and it’s a great feeling to know that my voice and opinions are being heard.”

Changing Futures volunteer

If you have lived experience of multiple disadvantage, you can take part in the Changing Futures programme by working with us to influence and co-produce strategies and services. You can also become a Peer Volunteer through our accredited training.

If you’d like to take part, or want to find out more, please contact Kate on or Lewis on


Some very special visitors!

Our extra-care schemes have continued to offer a jam-packed calendar of activities, and created opportunities for our customers to safely get together in person. There are regular bike rides, fundraising events, craft clubs, intergenerational activities, and much more!

We have also welcomed some lovely visitors – Derek the support dog enjoyed a few hours at White Willows, ponies made themselves at home at Stonelow Court, and alpacas entertained our customers at Whinn Dale. A big thanks to our customers and teams for continuing to create joyful and friendly places to live.

“It was a lovely afternoon and the ponies were really calming – we definitely want them back again! “

A customer at Stonelow Court

Stop Social Housing Stigma

Stop Social Housing Stigma is a new, tenant-led group that raises awareness of the impact of social housing stigma, and takes positive action to eradicate it.

The group aims to create awareness campaigns with landlords and tenants, build partnerships with the Government, the Regulator of Social Housing and housing groups, and to promote good practice and research aimed at reducing and eradicating stigma.

We are pleased to have supported Stop Social Housing Stigma’s important work, and look forward to continuing to collaborate with them.

The Stop Social Housing Stigma group includes our tenant and board member, Pam Hankinson. Recently, Helen, our Head of Customer Collaboration, joined Pam for a conversation about working together, the importance of customer voice and influence, and receiving our Landlord of the Year award!

Moments of Joy

Our programme of free arts activities brought music performances, dancing, poetry and more to our extra-care and supported housing schemes.

A huge thank you to our customers, teams, artists and funders for continuing to make this possible. In our new report, you can find out more about Moments of Joy, what we’ve learned, and feedback from those involved.

Read the report