Our first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report

In May, we shared our first ESG report. The report includes information about our work on customer voice and satisfaction, how our organisation is governed, our commitment to tackling the climate emergency, and more. The report provides a great opportunity to capture and share our key priorities, how we’re currently doing, and our aspirations to improve.

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Improving our least energy efficient homes

In our 2021 Annual Review, we told you about our plans to make improvements to homes that have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E, F, or G.

We’ve made improvements to 13 of these homes by completing works including installing loft, attic room and under floor insulation, and internal and external wall insulation to solid walls (as pictured in the photo). One home has also benefitted from a move to a low carbon Air Source Heat Pump. Seven of the homes are now EPC rating C, and on average the homes achieved an average increase in SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) of 17 points. The customers that took part will benefit  – on average – from a saving of £430 a year on fuel bills.

Thank you to the customers and partners that worked with us on these retrofitting projects. Anita, one of our brilliant customers, shares more about the improvements made to her home below.

“All of the insulation is making the homes that we live in better. It also means we use less energy – it helps with climate change and improves people’s lives. Now the house is finished it’s just amazing. I’m never moving from here!”


Our next steps…

  • We will use our learning from these projects to help shape our future retrofit plans.
  • We will continue to improve our poorest performing homes, in EPC bands E and F, and have a policy in place that means we will not re-let homes which fall below EPC D.
  • We are planning how we improve our properties to achieve Government’s target of having no properties less than EPC C by 2030. This will require a significant increase in the numbers of homes we retrofit. We are developing our technical approach, exploring funding opportunities to help us complete these works, and engaging with customers on the coming changes.

Working together to tackle the climate emergency

Employee engagement on sustainability initiatives is not new at South Yorkshire Housing Association, but our commitment to Tackling the Climate Emergency gives this work a new focus.

We’re educating all our people so that they understand more about the climate crisis, our organisation’s contribution to the problem, and what we are planning to do about that. We will then make sure that our employees have the skills to make required changes happen – this includes increasing technical knowledge, and being able to talk to our customers about our priorities and support them through any changes.

We’re also working with our customers to shape our engagement and retrofitting plans, and to listen to their thoughts and ideas. If you’d like to take part, you can find out more and get in touch here.