We are delighted to work with BeWell, a social enterprise based in Glossop, to bring some inter-generational joy to our customers at Whitfield House.

Children from the nearby South View Nursery first started visiting customers last year, and now it’s a highlight of everyone’s week!

BeWell have recently received a £150,000 grant from The National Lottery Community Fund to continue delivering the project, called Reuniting the Generations, for the next three years.


Our customers get together with the Nursery Children at the beautiful Whitfield House in Glossop. They enjoy taking part in activities such as planting flowers, singing, playing games of indoor bowls, and arts and crafts.

Reuniting the Generations provides opportunities for everyone to have fun and learn new things while making friends, keeping active, and building positive connections.

“We know from the pilots how much the children enjoy spending time with the residents at Whitfield House and how valuable the interaction can be for everyone. We look forward to making visits part of our weekly routine and we have already been given a vote of confidence from our parents and a big thumbs up from the children.”

Emily Waters, Nursery Manager
South View Nursery

“This is a great opportunity for us to enhance our existing LiveWell service, which enriches the lives of residents and day visitors alike. We are really looking forward to forming a close working relationship with South View and to welcoming the children every week.”

Jenny Dexter, LiveWell Service Manager
South Yorkshire Housing Association