We want to do everything we can to improve our homes and services for our customers, future generations, and our environment.

We’re improving our existing homes, and we will build new ones to high environmental standards. We are also committed to reducing the impact of our services, how we travel, and our workspaces and depots.

Our homes

Improving our homes helps our customers cut down their energy bills, and will reduce our organisation’s carbon footprint. We’ve been successful in applying for the Green Homes Grant, and have been working with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and Sheffield City Council on improvements to homes that have an EPC rating of E, F, or G.  

We’re really pleased to have started this work, and will continue to get in touch with customers whose homes meet the criteria.  

Our new policy means that we won’t re-let void properties that fall below a band D on their energy performance certificate until they are improved to Band D or better.

Download the policy

Working together 

We’ve been working with PlaceshapersTPAS, The Carbon Literacy Project, and other housing associations to understand how we can best support, collaborate with, and educate our employees and customers. We’ve created opportunities for people to learn more about the climate emergency, and to share their ideas and experiences.  

Read more from Gordon Watts, our Sustainability Manager.  

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Carbon Literacy training – I felt that the sessions were well structured, with a clear trajectory that enabled me to build upon my knowledge without any confusion. It gave me a great insight into the challenges faced by us and by other housing associations, and those faced on an individual, national, and international level.”

Courtney Straker
Customer Advisor

Hedgehog highway  

We want to make our outdoor spaces a place where nature can flourish and live safely.  

We’ve worked with Termrim Construction on our very first hedgehog highway at our new Finchwell Road development. These highways are great for our little friends as they provide a safe passage through gardens. This helps them to avoid busy roads, and lets them help us to keep on top of the pesky slug population without turning to pesticides

Meet Bernd

This year we welcomed Bernd to join our Sustainability Team. He brings lots of experience and knowledge, and we’re all enjoying working with him to improve the way we deliver our services and to tackle to the climate emergency.  

“If I do my little bit, and hopefully everybody does theirs, it will add up and contribute to make positive change.”  

Find out more about Bernd and what he’s been working on 


Greener travel

There’s lots of ways we can help to reduce our carbon emissions – a big one is changing the way we get around. We’ve given our employees the option to cycle to meetings, our workspaces, and to visits with customers with our first pool e-bike. It’s hopefully the first of many! 

“I’m excited to use the new e-bike to take me to and from development sites. It will be quicker than walking, cheaper than taking public transport, better for the environment than driving… plus I will get to fit in some exercise!”

Kemba Mitchell
Project Officer