We are organising surveys to check the condition of all our properties, and to make sure your home is safe and well maintained.

After all the stock condition surveys are complete, the data will also help us to plan for future maintenance and improvement programmes across all our homes and neighbourhoods.

The survey should take about an hour, and will include an inspection of the inside and outside of your home. The surveyor is looking at the condition of your home – not at how clean or tidy it is.

We’re sending a letter to all our customers to let them know when we’re completing surveys in their area. The surveys will take place over the next two years, and you will receive a letter with more information around two weeks before our surveyors are due to visit.

Our contractors

Ridge, a specialist contractor, will be completing the surveys on our behalf. The surveyors will carry a Ridge photo identification card and a letter of authority.

If you have any queries regarding the survey, please contact enquiries@syha.co.uk on 0800 1380 380.


We want to remind you that all South Yorkshire Housing Association employees, or contractors working on our behalf, will carry a valid form of identification. We, or our contractors, will also send you a letter confirming your appointment for repairs or improvements.

If someone visits your home and you are unsure if they work for, or on behalf of, South Yorkshire Housing Association, please give us call on 0800 1380 380.