We know that stronger communities are healthier communities. Asset Based Community Development is an approach that draws on the strengths of local people and resources to help areas thrive. The Well North programme championed finding people in communities with great ideas and backing them.

Our Great Ideas Grant was co-produced from early community conversations and offered micro grants of £300 and free training to community members, as well as larger funding opportunities for bigger projects.

The micro grants have helped fund lots of projects – big and small – including…

  • A Little Library (community book swap) and Recycling Point in Waverley
  • New equipment for Catcliffe’s Indoor Bowling Club to allow them to increase membership
  • Raised planting beds for Treeton Youth Club

Larger awards have also been made to help fund a community garden and community space within Waverley. To discover more about the projects Well Rotherham have worked on, read our end of project report.

Download our Well Rotherham Programme Report.

At Well Rotherham, we believe that communities hold the knowledge to make themselves stronger.

To capture this learning, we worked our amazing community connectors to create a guide to support others to become more active in their communities.

Our Guide to getting active in your community is a free digital resource for anyone who wants to start building communities, and is interested in learning from the experience of others.

It is designed to be used by individuals or groups, and describes 8 key stages for getting organised in your community. You can use it to help you and others to dream big, share ideas and solutions, and more.

Download the guide